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Course Description

Fashion designing is one of the most prominent courses for women in India as well as all over the world. That is why countless women apply for fashion designing course each year at Gurkripa Polytechnic. We are recognized as the best institute for fashion designing in Delhi, India.

Along with the glitz and glamour, there is a world of exposure and fun awaiting those who can excel in this field. Get Diploma in fashion designing from Top fashion designing Institute in Delhi and grow your carrier in fashion world.


However, you should not think that a career in Fashion Designing would be easy. Rather it is one of the most competitive and challenging. Every fashion designing institute Delhi, India, professional needs to have a fine balance of creativity and consistency. It is only possible when they get trend from expert and top fashion designing institute/ colleges. In Delhi, India there are lots of high rated and best fashion designing institute for learners.

You might have a lot of creative potential but you need to hone the skills you have to make them profitable. Moreover, you need a sound education in the latest and most time-honored traditions in the fashion designing industry.

At Guru kripa Polytechnic, you will learn how to take your passion and make it into a profession. This requires intensive study and understanding of the most important aspects of the fashion designing business as well as industry.

Thankfully, Guru kripa Polytechnic has famous teachers with years of experience in this field to help you develop into a proficient professional in your own right. Let’s have a look in broad strokes at what you will be learning if selected for the Fashion Designing Course at Guru kripa Polytechnic.

  • Giving Life to An Idea  :Fashion Designing is a domain which is based on the creativity of the professionals working it. Naturally, you need to have a good bit of creative talent to even think of having a career here. However, it also means that you must be able to develop your ideas and bring them into reality.

    Guru kripa ploytechnic offers the fashion designing coaching classes in Delhi.Students are taught how to conceptualize their fashion designing ideas and commit them to paper or digital format. This requires developing the ability to think clearly and understand the basic parts of the design you have in mind.

    For example, if you have an idea of a kurti for the Indian ethnic apparel market, then you have to consider a number of factors that influence your design. Questions to consider here are – which clothing tradition is your design part of? How is it different from the tradition? Does it bring anything new? Is it in line with the latest trends running strong in the market? What is the occasion your clothing is best suited for?

    Once you have successfully answered these questions, you will have to consider how you can bring the idea to life. In other words, you will have to commit to a design process that will frame the basic idea behind the clothing for others.

  • From Mind to Material  : Guru kripa polytechnic is a fashion designing institute Delhi, India, where we enable you to develop unique ways of creating your piece of apparel. Naturally, this requires you to have a complete understanding of the various kinds of materials used in making clothes. Moreover, you need to also consider what kind of effect they will have on the person wearing them.

    If we take the example of our kurti, then you have to think about what kind of material will be used to make the bulk of the cloth. In this segment, you will also need to create a sample of the cloth and pitch it to the lead designer. This means you will need to frame the most important parts of your idea and show them to the person-in-charge.

    In case you work as an independent designer, you might not need to show it to anyone. But you will still have to take the opinions of others. This is very important as it takes you design idea and grounds it in reality.

    Guru kripa ploytechnic is a top-ranked fashion designing training institutes in Delhi, India you will be taught how you can fabricate clothing and present samples to the persons concerned. You will also be educated about the various trends and models used in different fashion designing industries. This will also help you understand the process used to manufacture clothing. Naturally, this is very important to understand and getting educated from the expert fashion designing masters at Guru kripa ploytechnic is the best way to move forward.

  • From Material to Market  : Once you have put the idea down and then evaluated the aspects that impact it, it is time to understand how to integrate into the market. Obviously, there are multiple factors that come into play here.

    First among these is comprehending the dominant market forces that work for or against it. Naturally, it will be difficult to introduce an entirely new trend in the market unless you are already an established name. So, for starters, you should consider how you can complement the most dominant fashion trends in the market.

    Taking our example of our ethnic kurti again, we can see that it fits comfortably into the ethnic fashion market. This means that you will not have to work too hard to make it work. However, you should not become easygoing just because there is already a market for your apparel. It is always best to try to bring something new to the table. This will not only make your product sell well but also create a unique identity for you.

    Guru kripa polytechnic is one of the best fashion designing institutes in Delhi, India.Our fashion designing students are trained to hone their creative talent and bring out their best. This is done through a constantly innovative design strategy that evaluates what makes the hottest-selling apparel sell and how those ideas can be enhanced further.

    Learning how to ride-the-tide and make the most of prevalent trends is something we teach to all students. Our extensive Fashion Theory segment has been devised for this very purpose and enables students to understand what makes the fashion world tick.

    Moreover, the students also examine if these ideas can be used in other kinds of apparel as well. For example, as an Guru kripa polytechnic fashion designing student, you can take up their idea of using uncommon textiles and fabrics in evening gowns. This might not always work, but without exploring the possibilities there is no way of knowing for sure.

    Now that you know the general designing and idea development process we have adopted at Guru kripa polytechnic, let’s have a look at how we take this process and make it an everyday part of our students’ lives.

Guru kripa polytechnic – Top 10 Training Institutes for Fashion Design in Delhi

The first thing you should know about the fashion designing course at Guru kripa polytechnic is that they offer a three-tier system. We understand that every student has their own vision of their career and thus, offer our courses with varying levels of intensity.

The first and shortest Delhi fashion designing institute is the 1-year Diploma. This course, although limited, gives students all the necessary education and exposure they need to start a promising fashion designing career.

The second is the 2-year Higher Diploma. This course comprises of greater detail and introduces students to the most important subjects of Fashion Designing in intimate detail. Students who graduate with this diploma often find their career going skyward fast.

The third and most popular Fashion Designing course at Guru kripa polytechnics the 3-year Graduate Diploma. This course is arguably one of the most intensive Fashion Designing course in the entire country. It offers students the ability to become Fashion Designing experts with a proficient mastery of their craft. Students who successfully attain this Graduate Diploma most often get recruited into the top fashion houses in the country.

Now, let us talk in detail about the particulars of the course itself. If you want to how Guru kripa polytechnic best fashion designing colleges in India, constantly churns out gems to bejewel the Indian and international fashion industry, then keep reading!

  • Drafting  : When you want to join fashion institutes in Delhi because you get great fashion idea, what is the first thing you do? You put it on paper, right? But often it happens that when a great feeling idea comes out, it does not feel that appealing anymore. This is because you do not have the clarity of vision needed to enhance your idea as you put it on paper.

    The drafting segment of our Fashion designing course is rooted in understanding the fundamentals of clothing design. Students are introduced to various aspects here such as terms and key indications, kids bodice block, various types of sleeves and collars, dresses, nighties, shift dresses, men’s wear, jumpsuit foundation and many more.

  • Embroidery  : One of the cornerstones of the Indian ethnic apparel industry, embroidery is a must-learn for every fashion design student. In this segment, students not only study how embroidery developed but also how it changed through time. They learn do decipher and understand embroidery techniques as well as using them to fuel their own inspirations.

    From the most traditional and time-honored methods of embroidery to various kinds of hand-based and machine-based embroideries, Guru kripa polytechnic is fashion designing coaching classes in Delhi a teach them all. However, due to time limitations, each diploma course has different specializations with the Graduate Diploma course offering all the knowledge you will need.

  • Sketching  : A major part of being a fashion designing artist is being able to bring your passion to the fore. This means being able to show others what ideas you have in mind. So, Guru kripa polytechnic puts a lot of emphasis on honing the sketching ability of its students.

    In this part of the course factors like drawing, shading, contouring particularly the female face and figure are emphasized. This enables students to understand how their drafts will befit the people who wear them. Understanding this also lets them modify their design ideas accordingly.

  • Construction  : This is arguably one of the most important parts of each Fashion Designing course offered at Guru kripa polytechnic. Here, students are taught how to handle and manage sewing machines and produce impressive samples of their ideas. The variety of construction techniques taught here varies in each course. The 3-year Graduate Diploma consists of all the technique and is the complete construction training available in any Fashion Designing Institute in India.

    We encourage our students to learn as much as they can from our fashion designing experts and polish their skills. Our fashion designing Institute Delhi, India gives students skills such that they are able to replicate what they have been taught. But we also add their own personal touch to customize the best design trends and techniques. As such, construction becomes a key element in the skill set of all our students and one of the biggest reasons for them finding great jobs with fashion powerhouses.

  • Computer Applications  : Computers have changed the way we work forever. It is important for every fashion designer to embrace what they have to offer and Guru kripa polytechnic ensures that our students get the best start with them. Using the latest software and digital fabrication methodologies, our students get a thorough exposure to applications like MS Office, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop, Tuka CAD etc.

    Naturally, this is of immense help when they make their professional debuts. It enables them to streamline their knowledge with the best practices of the fashion houses they work with. Moreover, we encourage our students to stay current and happening by using the latest software being used in international fashion design.

What Else Does Guru kripa polytechnic Offer as the Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Delhi, India?

The five points we have mentioned above are not the only ones in our Fashion Designing courses. There are many others like draping, grading, apparel designing, fashion theory etc. In addition, all students are given an inspiring round of personality development to help them become capable of making independent decisions. Also, they take part in a mandatory Fashion Show to understand in intimate detail how their education will be put to use professionally.

Should You Take Up Guru kripa polytechnic’s Fashion designing courses in Delhi?

Every Guru kripa polytechnic fashion designing student can testify that they have received a world-class education with us. This is the key reason for their impressive professional starts and a primary reason why they stay in touch with us even after graduating. Also, the placements cell at Guru kripa polytechnic offers students the chance to get jobs with renowned fashion brands and houses.

So, Guru kripa polytechnic is one of the best fashion designing colleges in India to provide the complete professional education and initiation package to students. If you are passionate about fashion designing and have dreamt of having a successful career, then Guru kripa polytechnic is the best place to get a prodigious start. Get in touch with us now and get to know how we can launch you into the stars!


DURATION : 1 Year / 2 Years / 3 Years





  •  Learn to develop your natural visualization ability
  •  Become capable of actualizing your artistic vision
  •  Understand how to modify designs according to market trends
  •  Learn how to collaborate with others and benefit from different design ideas
  •  Learn how to collaborate with others and benefit from different design ideas
  •  Learn to specialize in different aspects and contribute to the overall process
  •  Understand how to integrate different trends and create their own unique designs
  •  Gain the ability to forecast changing trends and capitalize on them
  •  Find out how the best in the business work their magic
  •  Develop an impressive portfolio based on exclusive development classes
  •  Benefit from personality development and learn to harness your entrepreneurial talent.



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